From 8 to Love


Enter Windows 8 – the much refashioned and somewhat reviled operating system by desktop giants, Microsoft. It’s clear that it is a revolutionary approach to introduce a supposedly modern operating system which attempts to merge the past, present and the apparent future – from clicking to touch/gesturing. A while back I wrote on my experience with a pre-release version and there was one major question back then and even now – how successful would this bold move turn out to be? The answer for now is clear – not quite, at least so far as adoption numbers still remain low and relatively obscure. I feel the bad media generated after the radical changes were announced contributed to this. For me, the launch of Windows 8 back in October last year was like water washing under a bridge, and expectedly many reviews came out negative.

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Chink in the Armor

Armor android

Hello tech.geniuses and the world at large. Thank God it’s Easter, more significantly as a reminder of the purpose of the season as it relates to the destiny of mankind, but also the respite the holidays provide from the rigors of everyday Lagos commuting. Providing quality time to sit and put together thoughts which I’ve had swirling in my head for many many weeks now, transformed by numerous events which have occurred in my daily routines and the world at large. Finally, I present to you a mash-up of gimcrackery and airheaded cerebrations coming forth from yours truly in the form of – Chink in the armor.

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The Programmer Pride Paradox

“Confidence is more often the result of Ignorance than actual Experience”

– Tim Caswell

Most time in our world of Tech, you meet people who exude a certain kind of confidence or as I would like to call it.. “Dark Aura”. These people know how to talk smart and they usually have this condescending tone when you ask an innocent question or when they are talking to you about some new technology or piece of software. Acting like they know it all. When I started, I was usually intimidated when I met people like this. As time went on, I realized that those guys, didn’t know much. But more importantly, I realized that those who actually knew their stuff are actually less offensive about it. When you hear people like Scott Gu,  John ResigRob Conery, Scott Hanselman,Paul Irish e.t.c speak, They never act like “I’m awesome kneel before me” whereas they are authorities and they KNOW what they are talking about. As a result, you want to learn more from them. Continue reading

Android: Installing a Custom ROM

If you have an Android phone and you’re wondering how to unlock, root and install a custom firmware, right out of the box, then this is tutorial for you

What’s a Custom ROM?

A ROM in the context of the Android Ecosystem refers to the Android Operating System (OS). It is usually located on a locked Read-Only (kinda) section of the phone so that Applications won’t accidentally alter its content thereby crashing the Device. ROMs that were created by the manufacturer of the device are called Official ROMs while those created by third party developers are called Custom ROMS Continue reading

Hey Manufacturers, Please stop copying Apple.

Hey Everyone, It’s been a while since my Epic Rant and I have been quite busy doing research on my secret project. Mocking up designs, scrapping them, doing it again and so on. And after a very successful demo of a prototype with a prospective client, I decided to give myself a short break hence this post.😉

The Apple Era

It’s clear that this is Apple’s time to shine. Their products are now market forces which makes people “need to have them”. I think this is due to the fact that Apple puts a lot of thought into their products and they design them to impress. Seeing Apple’s success, other companies no longer want to innovate. They just look at Apple products for ideas. Which is simply a shame! What they don’t realize is that..

Apple is not always right

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Why I left Dragnet

Hey Guys, Its been a while but a lot has been happening and its all come to an end. In other words, the storm is finally over.

I used to work for a company called Dragnet Solutions. The company was involved in Computer Based Testing (CBT) where we organised CBTs for recruitments, scholarships, examinations e.t.c for some of the biggest names in the corporate Nigeria from Oil companies to Banks e.t.c.
A lot of things happened and I decided to leave. Many of the friends have been asking why I decided to resign from “a Good Job”. I was thinking of how to express my thoughts at once rather than answering individually when I remembered “Why I left…”. I am writing this because I believe that my experience might be of help to someone else. Continue reading

To 8 or not to 8

Windows of Uncertainy

Hello everyone, this is my experience with Windows 8 – from a Naija guy’s position, well an average Naija guy. I’ll explain what I mean by this a little further down. So the next iteration of Microsoft’s flagship operating system is coming very soon with the Redmond outfit letting out the details in tidbits with announcements of changes, some leading to contestations as to whether it’s a move in the right direction (like the scrapping of the start button or the switch in logo – I’ll never forget the four blue screens of death joke…lmao) and also in massive globs with a number of pre-releases. This write-up is based on my experience with the Consumer Preview release which shouldn’t be too different from the more recent Windows 8 Release. Continue reading