Enter Tech Genius

Many Times, people walk up to me after talks and seminars and Go like

“Wow! Ody I loved your talk on that Topic. I want to know more and really dive into this world of Information Technology (i.e. Programming, Web Design, Digital Animation e.t.c). But I don’t know how to go about it what do I do?”

Well, this blog is the answer to your prayer. For well over 15yrs, I have been privileged to meet some of the brightest minds in I.T. Guys who I learnt a lot from. I have managed to pull them from the tight schedules with different jobs and contracts to help you with those baby steps by giving you insightful thoughts, advice, help and tutorials.

I was once in your shoes (I still am in many aspects). You know; the new guy who wants to learn but can’t find the right blend of materials with simplicity and content or the guy who needs an example from an experienced person to avoid the hassles of trial and error. But by God’s grace, I am where I am today because of certain characteristics I acquired. I would like to share them with you. I’d like to call them the Three P’s of a successful career

Passion – A burning desire to achieve something. This single attribute makes the huge gap between those who become successful and those who fall by the way side. According to the song writer, Jude Abaga (M.I) he wrote

“How much do you want it? Would you pay the cost to become the Boss? Just to get it right, would you pay the price? Would you sacrifice?”

Growing up several years ago (Around 1994, 1995), my father bought our first computer. Even though we were taught about computers in school, It was a merely a myth to us till he got it. But back then I was fascinated by this “Interactive TV” and that’s how the passion began to grow. I was a “Cartoon Kid” usually glued to the TV set after school. It was a huge sacrifice having to leave those brightly coloured animations to look at a Monochrome (Black and White) screen. And learn strange “Doors” Commands. (Which was really funny cause when we finally got “Windows”, the name made perfect sense to me.. I digress) But passion was the key factor in keeping the interest despite the odds.

Purpose – A very Good friend of mine told me something that has not left me till this day. He said:

“The Passion that leads you will keep you but the passion that drives you will destroy you.”

This was really eye opening because at that point in my life, I was wholly consumed with the passion for all forms of technology from Mobile Phones, Visual Effects, Games, Web, Graphics and so on. I was constantly trying out every new technology, Researching and reading any stuff I could lay my hands on. It was so bad that I would stay all week in my Dorm room in front of my system just going through Gigs of all kinds of stuff. And during weekends, would head to a cyber-cafe and download even more stuff for the coming week. I did all this at the expense of the important things. I don’t regret my actions and would not change it if I had the power to because it contributed a lot. But If I had not let it completely drive me but just lead me in right direction; I would be several steps ahead in the areas that matter. Purpose helps you live a life of direction. And that way you can easily tell when you are making progress without being confused.

Practice The importance of this aspect simply cannot be over-emphasized. In fact, I think I should hammer this point more than the other two. Because even if you have the passion or purpose and you don’t practice, you are a sitting duck. My Dad used to say “Nothing will change until action is taken”.

Video Games have taught me the importance of this powerful tool. No matter how talented you are, if you do not practice at all, you will struggle (at most) to win someone who practices regularly. In fact, its proper practice that makes you good or talented in any field. Practice gives you a knowledge that sometimes can’t be taught. Practice hammers knowledge into your system. What you lack in talent or passion, you can  still make up for with practice.

For example, back then as a kid, My Dad got a MS-Dos program, typing tutor which was supposed to help us type fast. I disliked the application for two reasons: First of all it was really boring (and some people say Mavis Beacon is boring. I laugh) and was more of a chore. Secondly, I have really long fingers and then having to put my hands together in a very uncomfortable position for it to fit the “ASDF JKL;” Which was a real pain. So I discarded the whole approach and made up my mind that I would be fast even if I was looking for keys. With time, I had an idea where all the keys were and now, I have my own position for placing my fingers. Even though a little awkward, I can type very fast without looking at the keyboard! That’s what practice can do. Teach you innovations that haven’t occurred to others.

It’s just like the famous inventor Thomas Edison who tried numerous times before he could achieve the light-bulb. First he had the passion for it and was willing to spend as much time and resources on it. He had a purpose and a clear goal. He once told people “We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles”. And most of all he practiced long and hard (Some say he tried about a hundred different designs) until he got it. Isn’t that remarkable?

Like I always say

“People may be born smart or clever. However, Geniuses aren’t born, they become”

So that’s what this blog is all about. Making ‘ordinary’ guys like you to become Geniuses! So stay with us.