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I am very glad at the response I got from yesterday’s pep talk. And I know this is the start of something great. My prayer is that it helps you at the end of the day. Ok! Now it’s time to move into main menu.

This blog is organised into categories. These categories could range from Multi-media, Mobile Goodies like themes and Apps to Game Reviews and virtually any field under Technology from Hardware to Telecommunications, we got it. Just use the categories links on the right to navigate. You could also make use of the search bar. That would equally suffice. I hope you find this blog useful. Here are a few things I would like you to have at the back of your mind

  1. This Blog isn’t a complete tutorial solution – The web is filled with millions of tutorials so there is no point re-inventing the wheel. Our goal is to place you on the right track and that’s what we’ll do. Discuss the core concepts in a way that’s very easy for you to understand and the put links for further study. We’ll try our best to the select the finest of tutorials so that you won’t have to look far and wide.
  2. Videos – I’m a Nigerian and I understand the difficulty watching videos on the web because of bandwidth. However, Videos are a good means of passing a message across. So in conjunction with adding the video, we’ll do a short explanation beneath the video to give you an idea. It may seem repetitive if you can watch the video but it will help others.
  3. Practice – At certain gaps in the blog, we’ll place a PRACTICE paragraphs and in them, we’ll give you a challenge of some sort for you to try out on your own.
  4. Subscribe – Please subscribe to our RSS Feeds (What is RSS?). That way you get notified when any of us posts a new article.
  5. Tags – This is a special way of grouping similar articles. Similar to “see also” or “You might also be interested in.”
  6. Downloads – As for software, or any other kind of documents, we may need to upload it to a file hosting site like or All you have to do is click on the links and follow the instructions on the site to download. Some of them may require that you wait a specified number of seconds. Please wait and after a while, the link to download the content will be available to you(or just go premium).

Ok good, these should get you started. Please your feedback is very important. Tell us the areas you are facing challenges in learning and we’ll help you however we can.


About Ody

Web Developer/Programmer and Hardcore Gamer. Mainly interested in the Web and Web Technologies

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