All about FOSS.

Hello to all budding “techgeniuses” out there. This post is NOT a how-to for any super-cool techie-type skill, so everyone’s invited. This post IS however, a primer to a paradigm shift for any and all whom are interested in FOSS.

The first known use of the phrase free open source software(That’s the full meaning of FOSS, by the way)on Usenet was in a posting on 18 March 1998, just a month after the term open source itself was coined. FOSS would refer to an all inclusive category of free software(software created for free usage by any individual or corporate body) and open source software(which is also like free software, but also is licensed to grant the right of users to use, study, change, and improve its design through the availability of its source code).

Now I won’t be going into the expected tirade concerning history behind FOSS, adoption, popular trend and all that good stuff……. what I WILL do, over my next series of posts, will be to explain in detail what FOSS alternatives are available for all proprietary software categories currently in use by, well, us.

The categories I’ll go through will be in the following order:

Application software

 Business software
 Software for children
 Communication software
 Computer-aided design software
 Computer-aided manufacturing software
 Data management software
 Desktop publishing software
 Desktop widgets
 Digital typography
 Editing software
 Educational software
 Electrical device control software
 Entertainment software
 Genealogy software
 Government software
 Graphics software
 Knowledge representation software
 Language software
 Legal software
 Library and information science software
 Multimedia software
 Music software
 Personal information managers
 Computer programming tools
 Religion software
 Science software
 Simulation software
 Application software suites
 Transport software
 Video games

System software

 System software
 Free system software
 Access control software
 Application launchers
 Personal computer automation software
 Boot loaders
 Compatibility layers
 Computer printing
 Computer security software
 Data compression software
 Device drivers
 File comparison tools
 File managers
 Graphical user interfaces
 Identity management systems
 Installation software
 Job scheduling
 Keyboard layout software
 Keyboard-sharing software
 Computer libraries
 Network-related software
 Operating systems
 Revision control systems
 Screenshot software
 Search engine software
 Spam filtering
 Storage software
 System administration
 Terminal multiplexers
 Transaction processing
 Utility software
 Virtualization software
 Windowing systems

Computer programming tools

 Computer programming tools
 Bug and issue tracking software
 Build automation
 Code navigation tools
 Code search engines
 Computer-aided software engineering tools
 Data modeling tools
 Desktop database application development tools
 Discontinued development tools
 Documentation generators
 Text editors
 EXE packers
 Formal methods tools
 Free computer programming tools
 Integrated development environments
 Java development tools
 Software-localization tools
 Microsoft development tools
 Programming language implementation
 Revision control systems
 Software testing tools
 Static program analysis tools
 UML tools
 Unix programming tools
 User interface builders
 Web development software
 Computer programming tool stubs


Seems like a handful, eh? Well, no fears. With your encouragement(and help) we’ll all get to know what FOSS has in store for us.

PS: The list won’t be processed in order of FIFO….it’ll be completely random!

 Stay tuned!!

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