Blog Upgrade

Wow, This isn’t the article I thought I’d be writing. But it looks like I will not be able to keep up with blog posts as I am now twice as busy as I was before. That’s not to say that I’m abandoning this blog, Of-course Not! Its just that I am about to create my own start-up (Trust Me it is HUGE!). Its a really challenging quest that I have taken up and so I will not be able to post quality content in the mean time. However, you can still follow me on Google+ to get Tech Gist and other random stuff.

Blog Upgrade

One of the reason for this decision is that I have come to realize some of the limitations inherent in WordPress hosting service (Props to them for making it free). An example is that I cannot install plugins which means that I can’t display blocks of code in a neat format which is only available using plugins. So I decided to move the blog to a proper hosting service and custom domain name.

Multi-Media Content

In addition to the  blog upgrade that’s coming soon, We will now add more multi-media content like videos and audio/slides. So you can look forward to that. I know we have serious bandwidth issues in Nigeria but things are changing. Wayne Gretzsky said “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it is”


This is not to say you should not expect any posts from this blog as some other cool authors like Sadiq Mohd, Eze Amechi or John Obidi could post at any time. Its just that I can no longer keep up. 😦

As sad as it is, I know its for the best. I believe that this timeout is necessary to come out stronger. So see you soon


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Web Developer/Programmer and Hardcore Gamer. Mainly interested in the Web and Web Technologies

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