Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Web

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Web

Artifical Intelligence

I was watching a Ted talk by Tim Berners Lee and he was talking about the semantic web. Its not by any means new to anyone on in Tech. But as he was talking I got a revelation from it. It was like I caught his passion even though the audience did not see anything to get excited about (just like I did before).

Let me give you some detail and I hope that you also get the idea. Tim who invented the world wide web said that the idea of the World Wide Web was out of frustration. Frustration in the sense that he was exposed to hundreds of scientific materials of great value but they were in all kinds of formats and required all kinds of proprietary software to view them. This made integrating and combining information contained in the documents very difficult if not impossible. He invented the www so that documents could be in one format and so that it would be easy to ‘connect’ documents together.

Today, we have benefited immensely from this vision of an open www where documents are linked in a fashion that knowledge is not only accessible but easier to connect and now, we have another dilemma. The structure/order of data. Everything that we do on our computers is all about data. This data is in different formats and stored in different places which makes gathering and harnessing this data a real pain.

Solution: Semantic Web – In a semantic web, it would contain just raw meaningful data that can be linked to other raw meaningful data. Taking this data and making a web out of this data is going to change the world. Take a look at wikipedia. Even though its just web pages, the way the data is linked and connected produces very powerful effects. Like say I pick an article of a person. And it tells me that the person attended an event which would be a hyper link to the event and then reading about that event I get a link to its location say Germany and the I go into Germany and then I can learn about the country, its population, heritage, culture e.t.c That’s what a semantic web would look like

Now if in the midst of this chaos of documents which is the world wide web, Search engines like Google are able to quickly parse through and harness useful data as to be able to even translate text from different languages and guess what you are about to type before you even type it, imagine if devices and software had access to a web of data instead and they had clever ways of parsing through all that data…. The results would be pure Artificial Intelligence. The kind that would be astonishing. Imagine a world where as you walk past a restaurant, your phone reminds you that you have been to that restaurant before, tells you about their favorite dish and how its prepared. Imagine a world where computers could make complex reports based on a mash-up of data from from millions of sources… This… my dear friends is the future.


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3 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Web

  1. Really nice one there, Ody. I believe this is the future of the web too. However, the way we get there might be just a bit different. The social/location-interwoven web, is actually making this sea of connections between raw sets of data which translate into real events, people and places in real life, as we speak: and this is might just end up evolving into state which you set out in your article.

    Reading this article made me notice that the research teams in Google in particular must really be working on this… Noone else has a search engine with as much power and potential as Google, and they also have one of the most popular mobile phone platforms to boot too.

    No one else, apart from Microsoft, has this kind of strong cloud-based services/strong search/ powerful mobile platform combination that would be needed to pull a feat like this off.

    It is a very interesting prospect, which by the way, puts the tech giant, Google right where I’ve been placing them – as the most valuable tech company right now, worldwide.

    What are your thoughts?

    • I agree. Google understood this very early hence their motto “to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Even they realize that a “Web of Data” contains humongous power and potential.

  2. Google is certainly working hard towards their goal of online ubiquity and with their search engine as the ‘engine’ to drive all their other services by chunking out raw data from different sources as it was put in the article, everything may just become connected. Enthusiastic as I may be, the future is also scary man. Imagine watching a cooking TV programme where u can check for details (origin, price, availability in your area) of ingredients used in preparing the meal, your kitchen computer connected to your phone and the internet tells you how prepared your kitchen is in preparing the meal and can even make orders for you from the nearest supermerket. Wicked!

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