Developer Collaboration – Source Control

What is Source Control? Do I need it?

At first when I started learning about it, the tools (SourceSafe to be precise) were not so good and I wasn’t really impressed. It looked more like a hassle at the time. But the tools available now are so much better.

To properly answer the Question, I will first pose another question (Nigerian Style *Laughing*)

“How do I create backups while coding, In case something bad happens?”

This is a question that many of us have asked our selves and we answer them in different ways. Some of us create a duplicate of our project and then update that duplicate when we are okay with the code we have, I personally created Zip files of my code to show several stages of development. I even met people who wrote scripts to create a new numbered folder (e.g. Project_12) and copy their entire project into it. Crazy Huh? The idea of course was that if something went wrong, we would copy our last backup and continue from there. This process was chaotic and inefficient at best Continue reading


Microsoft’s Mentality Shift: Web forms vs. MVC

In recent times, many more tech companies are stealing the spotlight these days. The likes of Apple, Google, Facebook… And somehow it seems like Microsoft’s relevance in the Tech world is diminishing.

The oppositions seem to be winning on these new tech frontiers namely Mobile, Internet, Browsers, e.t.c.. This is because even though they were the first to get on board these platforms, Microsoft as a company did not adapt quickly enough to the changes in the Landscape. It is often said that tech years are similar to dog years. Continue reading

JavaScript Closures

Understanding Closures in JavaScript is very important. Its one of those silent areas of JavaScript that can make your code “mis-behave” but its very powerful when you understand and take advantage of it.

Of all the materials that I’ve come across while learning it, this was the easiest to understand.


JavaScript, JavaScript...

In JavaScript, a closure is a function to which the variables of the surrounding context are bound by reference.

Every JavaScript function forms a closure on creation. In a moment I’ll explain why and walk through the process by which closures are created. Then I’ll address some common misconceptions and finish with some practical applications. But first a brief word from our sponsors: JavaScript closures are brought to you by lexical scope and the VariableEnvironment

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Bigger and Better

Hey Guys, Its been a while. What’s up with you all! I just came over and after looking at the last article on the blog, I was like, November?!! Oh No!! I really want to apologize. A lot has happened since then and I have not had the time to let you in on the gist. Okay. First of all, I got a job at Dragnet Solutions as a software engineer and its been an experience. It all started at the event covered at the last post (Open Door Conference) where I met a guy named Tag. He’s a great guy who I’ve come to respect so much. We got talking about all kinds of stuff and different technologies and he was able to convince about Microsoft’s Technologies and “re-install” my drive for them. After the interesting discussion, he offered me a job.

I know, I know.. Right now I feel like a sellout but here’s the thing. I may have the capital and knowledge to create my own start-up but I lack the skill, experience and business acumen to really build and maintain one. Trust me when I tell you that I am learning a lot here. For example, there is a chasm of difference between coding alone and coding as a group. It’s almost like night and day. I also learnt the importance of certain things that I (and many of us) either took for granted or didn’t know about e.g. Source Control (Watch out for my post on this)

But that’s by the way. I just wanted to let you all know that this blog isn’t dead. In fact, it just became better. I will soon relocate to a dedicated domain name and add lots of upgrades.

Also, I want to apologize because I won’t have the time to post tutorials anymore partly because there’s just so much to learn and because the internet is filled with tutorials already. So I’m going in to the deep parts of what I know straight to the jewels I discover every week. If you need help with something or need links to tutorials and other things, Just circle me on Google+ and mention me in any post and hopefully, I will be prompt to respond.

If you would like to join our group i.e. Tech.Genius ( just follow the link and ask to join then someone will add you.