My First Open Source Project


I know you must be thinking, Online Classroom? What’s that? Well its something I’ve had on my mind for a while now. Let me take sometime to explain what led to it. When I started learning about computers several years ago, I would scour the internet for tutorials and materials for the technology that I wanted to learn. This yielded tremendous results as almost 90% of what I know is based on self education and web searching.

However, It can be frustrating for me and new comers alike to find an article or material that matches my level of knowledge. This was mainly because the same internet that houses BSc caliber material, also houses MSc and Phd. And many times, there is no distinction. It wasn’t completely a bad thing as in some cases I would be forced to upgrade my knowledge. But then, not every one has the time or patience.

Another problem with learning in this fashion is that you will not have a structured learning experience and you would only know the things you stumbled upon and not the entirety of the subject matter

The Basic Idea

The idea behind this application is to create an open public virtual school that would consist of virtual courses. These courses would have short materials similar to a single class in the real world. And then these materials would be organised in a hierarchically to form a lecture’s curriculum. That way, there is some form of learning progression. Materials could be of any form i.e. short clips, Wikipedia links, PDFs.. whatever

Also a mock assessment can be created to help the student to perform self assessment. It will be a multiple choice test of ten questions. this way a student can determine whether to go through the material again or move on to the next course


Right now, I have coded about 20-30% of the application which is enough to get it off the ground. As time goes on, I will push updates to the repository and I encourage you to contribute your thoughts, ideas, codes towards it. We are all busy people but I believe everyone’s little contribution will go along way. Here are some screenshots of the application. I repeat this is a VERY rough sketch of the application and is in no way the final application (not even alpha).

Project Architecture and Hosting

This project was written in PHP 5 using MySQL as its Database, I also used web standards like HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. In time I intend to change the architecture to the MVC pattern using the CodeIgniter Framework which will allow for easy synchronization of collaborative code. The SQL Dump of the Database is also in the repository
The project is located on Github ( Feel free to download the source code and test it out for yourself.

If you make any modifications or improvements please remember to push those changes to the “Dev” branch. Your feedback is crucial. When we have code stable enough to make it alpha, I’ll then commit those changes to the master branch

If the above paragraph did not make any sense to you, don’t worry just give me your feedback by mailing me 

Update: I have decided to shutdown the project as I will not be able to maintain it. Plus there are other good open projects that are simply better.


About Ody

Web Developer/Programmer and Hardcore Gamer. Mainly interested in the Web and Web Technologies

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