To 8 or not to 8

Windows of Uncertainy

Hello everyone, this is my experience with Windows 8 – from a Naija guy’s position, well an average Naija guy. I’ll explain what I mean by this a little further down. So the next iteration of Microsoft’s flagship operating system is coming very soon with the Redmond outfit letting out the details in tidbits with announcements of changes, some leading to contestations as to whether it’s a move in the right direction (like the scrapping of the start button or the switch in logo – I’ll never forget the four blue screens of death joke…lmao) and also in massive globs with a number of pre-releases. This write-up is based on my experience with the Consumer Preview release which shouldn’t be too different from the more recent Windows 8 Release. Continue reading


Wait oh!! see yawa!

Aaah yes. I notice no one’s been posting for a while now, and I think its because this blog took on a super NERDY tone. This is NOT a complaint…just an observation, to any whom it may concern.

As a result, I’ve decided to lay down a post ’bout an issue predominant in my life currently: Life after school for a budding IT grad.

I know most of us didn’t have it easy, freelancing OR jobhunting, but I figure, for the most part, you’ll all have profound experiences to share…so why not shoot ’em in this direction? I imagine it’ll be quite the eye opener for those(like moi) whom are kiiinda jus’ coming into the scene, in a sense of speaking.

I’ve gotta go push up now(gotta give the lasses some eye candy, I guess)

Till the first reply, I remain ME.