Wait oh!! see yawa!

Aaah yes. I notice no one’s been posting for a while now, and I think its because this blog took on a super NERDY tone. This is NOT a complaint…just an observation, to any whom it may concern.

As a result, I’ve decided to lay down a post ’bout an issue predominant in my life currently: Life after school for a budding IT grad.

I know most of us didn’t have it easy, freelancing OR jobhunting, but I figure, for the most part, you’ll all have profound experiences to share…so why not shoot ’em in this direction? I imagine it’ll be quite the eye opener for those(like moi) whom are kiiinda jus’ coming into the scene, in a sense of speaking.

I’ve gotta go push up now(gotta give the lasses some eye candy, I guess)

Till the first reply, I remain ME.


About eamechi

Constant thought churning, self-criticizing, fun having, ever learning N.E.R.D

One thought on “Wait oh!! see yawa!

  1. Yes!! Finally!! LOL. Thanks a lot for the update. I am currently going through a phase right now. Will give the FULL/Unadulterated gist here later. 😉

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