The Programmer Pride Paradox

“Confidence is more often the result of Ignorance than actual Experience”

– Tim Caswell

Most time in our world of Tech, you meet people who exude a certain kind of confidence or as I would like to call it.. “Dark Aura”. These people know how to talk smart and they usually have this condescending tone when you ask an innocent question or when they are talking to you about some new technology or piece of software. Acting like they know it all. When I started, I was usually intimidated when I met people like this. As time went on, I realized that those guys, didn’t know much. But more importantly, I realized that those who actually knew their stuff are actually less offensive about it. When you hear people like Scott Gu,  John ResigRob Conery, Scott Hanselman,Paul Irish e.t.c speak, They never act like “I’m awesome kneel before me” whereas they are authorities and they KNOW what they are talking about. As a result, you want to learn more from them.


Awesome Coder


I’ve come to realize that in this world of tech, computer science, programming etc… when you know a little, you feel like you’ve almost seen all there is. That the world is flat and does not expand beyond your backyard. But the more you learn, the more you realize that there are actually other continents, other planets and galaxies out there that you know nothing about. That in itself is humbling.

I came across a guy at the office who developed an app using stored procedures and basic grids. When I asked him to explain his (lowsy) Db Schema, he scoffed at me… He’s no longer in the software development department (Thank God). But he developed this legacy application that me and other members of my team have to maintain.  After everything, he went on to rant during a meeting that I knew nothing about the application, insinuating that he’s more experienced in software architecture probably because I’m much younger than he is. Little does he know that he’s not a programmer. He’s just a Database Administrator (DBA). In fact, I know DBA’s who would have done a much better job. For example, no DBA in his right mind would intentionally add duplicate records to a Students table when a student is promoted and say “Its part of the process”. #facepalm

Douche-bag Programmer

Douche-bag Programmer

We see these things often and truth be told, if you’ve been to a few of these Dev conferences, Hackathons e.t.c you will always find that one guy that feels like “I’m awesome, you can’t touch me”. That’s not not to say that anyone who is always talking about cool stuff belongs to this group. Because sometimes, people could be genuinely stoked or excited about something. But how you really know these guys is whether or not they are willing to even LISTEN, talk less of considering an opposing view. From my experience, you realize that at the end of the day, those guys usually don’t know much and as such are trying to over-compensate.


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2 thoughts on “The Programmer Pride Paradox

  1. Neat post Ody, you are very very right about this, it was even evident back in school, a guy rants a little about stuff other people know less about and he’s got a halo over his head thereon. Even in the industry, we’ve still got stuck-up old-timers. I remember my 400L IT supervisor who I heard was a proclaimed badguy before I got to the firm but was rather underwhelming and couldn’t answer conviniently when I asked a few questions on some methods employed on the network. I felt caged and couldn’t even freely express my ideas.

    • Yeah. I once met a guy who told me he said stuff like “I extracted xyz from windows source code” or like “I used a JavaScript to take over servers”. I used to be like WOW not knowing it was all BS *SMH*.. This guy always wanted me to kiss his foot before he helped me. I remember PAYING N1000 for Macromedia Studio 7 (Now Adobe) and he STILL did not give it to me.
      As time went on, I decided to learn stuff on my own. And in no time, just before I left school, he realized that I had surpassed him and then he approached me and wanted me to “join his team for free”.. (as in I wouldn’t need to apply)

      Err.. NO THANKS!

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