My First Open Source Project


I know you must be thinking, Online Classroom? What’s that? Well its something I’ve had on my mind for a while now. Let me take sometime to explain what led to it. When I started learning about computers several years ago, I would scour the internet for tutorials and materials for the technology that I wanted to learn. This yielded tremendous results as almost 90% of what I know is based on self education and web searching.

However, It can be frustrating for me and new comers alike to find an article or material that matches my level of knowledge. This was mainly because the same internet that houses BSc caliber material, also houses MSc and Phd. And many times, there is no distinction. It wasn’t completely a bad thing as in some cases I would be forced to upgrade my knowledge. But then, not every one has the time or patience. Continue reading


Microsoft’s Mentality Shift: Web forms vs. MVC

In recent times, many more tech companies are stealing the spotlight these days. The likes of Apple, Google, Facebook… And somehow it seems like Microsoft’s relevance in the Tech world is diminishing.

The oppositions seem to be winning on these new tech frontiers namely Mobile, Internet, Browsers, e.t.c.. This is because even though they were the first to get on board these platforms, Microsoft as a company did not adapt quickly enough to the changes in the Landscape. It is often said that tech years are similar to dog years. Continue reading