Hey Manufacturers, Please stop copying Apple.

Hey Everyone, It’s been a while since my Epic Rant and I have been quite busy doing research on my secret project. Mocking up designs, scrapping them, doing it again and so on. And after a very successful demo of a prototype with a prospective client, I decided to give myself a short break hence this post. 😉

The Apple Era

It’s clear that this is Apple’s time to shine. Their products are now market forces which makes people “need to have them”. I think this is due to the fact that Apple puts a lot of thought into their products and they design them to impress. Seeing Apple’s success, other companies no longer want to innovate. They just look at Apple products for ideas. Which is simply a shame! What they don’t realize is that..

Apple is not always right

Let’s take a few quick examples, shall we? Continue reading


Why I left Dragnet

Hey Guys, Its been a while but a lot has been happening and its all come to an end. In other words, the storm is finally over.

I used to work for a company called Dragnet Solutions. The company was involved in Computer Based Testing (CBT) where we organised CBTs for recruitments, scholarships, examinations e.t.c for some of the biggest names in the corporate Nigeria from Oil companies to Banks e.t.c.
A lot of things happened and I decided to leave. Many of the friends have been asking why I decided to resign from “a Good Job”. I was thinking of how to express my thoughts at once rather than answering individually when I remembered “Why I left…”. I am writing this because I believe that my experience might be of help to someone else. Continue reading

To 8 or not to 8

Windows of Uncertainy

Hello everyone, this is my experience with Windows 8 – from a Naija guy’s position, well an average Naija guy. I’ll explain what I mean by this a little further down. So the next iteration of Microsoft’s flagship operating system is coming very soon with the Redmond outfit letting out the details in tidbits with announcements of changes, some leading to contestations as to whether it’s a move in the right direction (like the scrapping of the start button or the switch in logo – I’ll never forget the four blue screens of death joke…lmao) and also in massive globs with a number of pre-releases. This write-up is based on my experience with the Consumer Preview release which shouldn’t be too different from the more recent Windows 8 Release. Continue reading

Wait oh!! see yawa!

Aaah yes. I notice no one’s been posting for a while now, and I think its because this blog took on a super NERDY tone. This is NOT a complaint…just an observation, to any whom it may concern.

As a result, I’ve decided to lay down a post ’bout an issue predominant in my life currently: Life after school for a budding IT grad.

I know most of us didn’t have it easy, freelancing OR jobhunting, but I figure, for the most part, you’ll all have profound experiences to share…so why not shoot ’em in this direction? I imagine it’ll be quite the eye opener for those(like moi) whom are kiiinda jus’ coming into the scene, in a sense of speaking.

I’ve gotta go push up now(gotta give the lasses some eye candy, I guess)

Till the first reply, I remain ME.

My First Open Source Project


I know you must be thinking, Online Classroom? What’s that? Well its something I’ve had on my mind for a while now. Let me take sometime to explain what led to it. When I started learning about computers several years ago, I would scour the internet for tutorials and materials for the technology that I wanted to learn. This yielded tremendous results as almost 90% of what I know is based on self education and web searching.

However, It can be frustrating for me and new comers alike to find an article or material that matches my level of knowledge. This was mainly because the same internet that houses BSc caliber material, also houses MSc and Phd. And many times, there is no distinction. It wasn’t completely a bad thing as in some cases I would be forced to upgrade my knowledge. But then, not every one has the time or patience. Continue reading

Developer Collaboration – Source Control

What is Source Control? Do I need it?

At first when I started learning about it, the tools (SourceSafe to be precise) were not so good and I wasn’t really impressed. It looked more like a hassle at the time. But the tools available now are so much better.

To properly answer the Question, I will first pose another question (Nigerian Style *Laughing*)

“How do I create backups while coding, In case something bad happens?”

This is a question that many of us have asked our selves and we answer them in different ways. Some of us create a duplicate of our project and then update that duplicate when we are okay with the code we have, I personally created Zip files of my code to show several stages of development. I even met people who wrote scripts to create a new numbered folder (e.g. Project_12) and copy their entire project into it. Crazy Huh? The idea of course was that if something went wrong, we would copy our last backup and continue from there. This process was chaotic and inefficient at best Continue reading

Microsoft’s Mentality Shift: Web forms vs. MVC

In recent times, many more tech companies are stealing the spotlight these days. The likes of Apple, Google, Facebook… And somehow it seems like Microsoft’s relevance in the Tech world is diminishing.

The oppositions seem to be winning on these new tech frontiers namely Mobile, Internet, Browsers, e.t.c.. This is because even though they were the first to get on board these platforms, Microsoft as a company did not adapt quickly enough to the changes in the Landscape. It is often said that tech years are similar to dog years. Continue reading